â–² Fall 2019 student course evaluations will close December 8, 2019.

How To Access Blue

*Timelines will vary for courses not ending in the regular semester (i.e. courses ending on various monthly dates).*

Have a Teacher You Want to thank?

If your instructor has made a positive difference in your education or beyond, take a moment to say thanks and we’ll pass it along. UAF wants to value those teachers who make a difference in students’ lives, so be sure to let us know!

Video Instructions

Will I be able to add my own comments to the survey?

The survey will give you significant space to type in comments.

Will my feedback really change anything?

Possibly. First, you should do what you can to provide helpful feedback. Comments like “You’re a great professor!” or “This class was boring.” don’t help your instructor identify specific things they do well or things they should consider changing. Try specific statements like the following instead:

  • “Professor Jones use of slides was very effective. I learned more through the combination of lectures and the illustrations of concepts than the traditional bullet points-only slides most teachers use.”
  • “My instructor took weeks to return feedback and we had usually moved on to another topic by that time. Please return papers sooner so that we have a chance to revise! I would feel more confident about my ability to write.”
  • “Other students in the course were disruptive on the discussion boards, but my instructor didn’t seem to notice. Please monitor discussions so that distracting, off-topic discussions don’t derail the entire course.”
  • “The assignments in this class were very engaging and I felt inspired to complete each one.”

Also, ask your instructor how your feedback matters to them. It’s ok to ask the question and it may open up a useful dialogue around the challenges faced by university instructors.

Can I complete the survey on my own time?

You are invited to access the BLUE ® portal and complete the evaluation of your courses at your earliest convenience. Your instructor may provide class time for you to complete the survey. Course evaluations open 2 weeks before finals begin and will close when finals week begins.

Is my evaluation anonymous?

Any information you provide will be kept strictly confidential. After grades are released all evaluations will be anonymously made available to the instructor.  

Why Use Blue?

You can play  an integral role  in the academic life of UAF by providing your opinion on courses and instructors through the Blue evaluation system.  Your evaluations help faculty improve their teaching process, serve as a component of the promotion and tenure process, and give you a voice in the quality of your own education.

Your participation in the survey process is critical to UAF’s commitment to quality teaching and academic excellence. Consider using the  published evaluation ratings  to review previous offerings. UAF needs your feedback!