In Fall 2015, UAF started using the Blue system by eXplorance to evaluate courses. The Provost’s office along with the Faculty Development, Assessment, and Improvement (FDAI) committee and the Electronic Course Assessment Implementation (ECAI) committee worked to implement this online evaluation system, hoping to modernize the way that course evaluations impact teaching at UAF.

Students and faculty alike play a role in making sure that faculty get meaningful and authentic feedback on their teaching practices.

Prompted by UAF Faculty Senate, UAF administration decided to move away from paper methods of assessing student opinions of instruction towards an electronic assessment instrument. The motivation for both the recommendation and the subsequent adoption were summarized in reports submitted by the Electronic Course Evaluation task force and they can be found at the following links:

Exceptions to Evaluation

Following previous practice, some courses will not be evaluated. These include:

  • Courses with an enrollment of fewer than 3 students (or in the case of cross-listed or stacked courses, a combined enrollment of fewer than 3)
  • Courses with a duration of less than one week
  • Non-credit courses
  • Independent studies, directed studies, and thesis credit courses
  • Internships, practicums, and apprenticeships
  • Linked lab courses with the same instructor as the lecture (labs with a different instructor will be evaluated if they meet the other criteria)
  • Exchange Courses (EXCN)
  • CHP (RD) courses
  • RHS courses
  • Research courses (labs, undergraduate research or graduate research)