â–²Spring 2019 student course evaluations will close April 29, 2019.

How To Access Blue

You will receive emails from  UAF-course-eval@alaska.edu  which contain a link to the Blue login page (using you UA credentials). You can add personalized questions by clicking on the course title and also see previous years’ results. Personalizing questions and managing settings will open in a new tab. To navigate back to the main menu, return to your previous tab.  

You’ll be able to add personalized questions at least 4 weeks before final day of instruction. Student links will be made available 2 weeks before finals week (this varies for late start and irregular-length courses). Evaluations close the final day of instruction.  Instructors will be provided two copies of their student course evaluation reports: Instructor Summary Report and Comprehensive Instructor Report. Instructors will get their reports no later than two weeks into the beginning date of the upcoming semester.

Personalize Your Questions for Meaningful Feedback

In order to get feedback from your students that is actionable and meaningful, you should personalize additional questions that are relevant to the way you teach. Students will recognize that you’re looking for real feedback if you ask authentic questions.  

1. Add Questions from the Question Bank

2. Add Your Own Questions

3. The Submit Button is EAsy to Miss!

Ideas for Improving Response Rate

Here are a few ideas that other faculty have tried by faculty.  

Provide Context

Link Your Syllabus

Send Reminders

Check response rates

Help students understand that you actually use their feedback to assess your own teaching practice. Explain the difference between comments that are helpful and comments that aren’t. Don’t forget to remind them that comments about what  did  work are as helpful as what  didn’t.

Provide a link to the Blue system and let students know that you use feedback to improve your teaching early in the semester by putting those things in your syllabus. If you teach an online course, this is doubly important since students may miss the conversation that provides context on student evaluations. Additionally, consider adding a “how to” link to a video.  

Though students get reminders from the UA system, remind them in a personal email or Blackboard announcement. They may pay more attention to something coming from their instructor.  

Once the evaluation period is open, make sure you check the response rates and encourage students to complete the evaluations if yours are low. Just below the “Home” button in Blue there is a “Response Rates” button. You’ll be able to see response rates once the evaluation period is open.

Other Information


Teaching Assistant Evaluations


In order for a TA or Student Instructor to be evaluated the name will need to be entered into Banner based on the connected course information:

Course & Lab Banner Setup Instructor Banner Setup Question Personalization in Blue
Linked lab section with the  same CRN, but different section number as the main course TA/Student Instructor’s name added as a co-instructor of the lab section Main Instructor and Co-instructor submit one set of agreed upon personalized questions
Course is a combined lab and course with the  same CRN  and same section number TA/Student Instructor’s name added as a co-instructor of the course

Main Instructor and Co-instructor submit one set of agreed upon personalized questions

Linked lab section is taught by a TA/Student Instructor and has a  separate CRN  from the main course

TA/Student Instructor’s name added as the instructor of the lab section.  

TA/Student Instructor Lab Section submits their own questions.  


Please contact your unit’s administrative associate to have course information updated in Banner. You may also contact  uaf-course-evals@alaska.edu  with questions or concerns.

Is BLUE ® be similar to IAS ®?

Yes, Blue is similar but only available online. This puts a greater burden on you as an instructor to encourage students to complete the evaluations.  

Can students complete the survey on their own time?

Students are invited to access the BLUE ® portal and complete the evaluation of their courses at their earliest convenience. However you can provide class time for students to fill out the survey.

Are students able to add their own comments?

Yes. Add some of your own personalized questions in order to get relevant and meaningful comments.  

Are TAs evaluated?

BLUE ® is fed with info from Banner ®. If the TA name is input in Banner ®, he/she will be evaluated with BLUE ®. See the section to the left for more information.  

Are Evaluations Anonymous?

All information students provide will be kept strictly confidential. Anonymised evaluations will be made available to you after grades are released.

When Will I Get my Reports?

Instructors will get their reports no later than two weeks into the beginning date of the upcoming semester.

What if I Don't Add Personalized Questions?

Students will receive their invitations at the designated time regardless of whether you add questions. However you may want to access BLUE ® and click “submit’ even if you do not wish to add any questions, if you want to avoid receiving reminders.